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Emergent Reader Series

Part 1: VC, CVC Words

Part 2: CCVCC Words (Blends)

Part 3: Compound Words

Part 4: Multisyllabic Words

Part 5: Words with Endings

Reading Series One

Part 6: Foundational Skills Consolidation

Reading Series Two

Part 7: Consonant Digraphs

Part 8: Long Vowels with Silent e

Part 9: Single Long Vowels & Patterns & Soft c and g

Part 10: r - Controlled Vowels

Reading Series Three

Part 11: Vowel Digraphs

Part 12: Variant Vowel Digraphs

ImageUnder Development
ImageUnder Development

Part 13: Diphthongs

Part 14: Advanced Letter-Sound Correspondences

ImageUnder Development
ImageUnder Development